Online Gokkasten

The Dutch company Online Gokkasten is a titan in the online gambling industry. With a focus on developing and designing high-quality online slot machines and other online gambling games, Online Gokkasten has set themselves apart in the marketplace.

Since the start of 2020, Online Gokkasten has started developing games in more than just Dutch and English, and this is something we felt it was important to write about. As of last week, rumours are going around that they have partnered with Casumo Casino in order to speed up growth for both parties involved.
On this page, you’ll learn more about gratis online gokkasten spelen, what they do, what games they specialise in, and, what the partnership between Online Gokkasten and Casumo Casino might be.

What is Online Gokkasten?

Online Gokkasten is a Dutch company with a very strong reputation in both the Netherlands as well as outside of it. Up until last year, they only developed their games in Dutch or English, but have lately started to make the transition into other languages. The company was first established around ten years ago, and they’ve been progressing extremely fast, often outpacing the growth in the online gambling industry as a whole.

Over the years, this Dutch online slot provider has developed some huge hits. Some of their games have gone on to win national and international prizes, and you often see their games in the top 10 or top 50 lists given by online casino’s. The chances are, if you’ve ever played a slot machine in a Dutch online casino, it was probably a game created by Online Gokkasten.

Internationally, they’re not as well know but their games still perform extremely well. They’ve worked with some of the largest international casino game providers and have games in pretty much all of the largest online casinos.

Which games do they specialise in?

Online Gokkasten specialises in 3d slots as well as video slots, even going as far as combining the two to create extremely high-quality games for their players. The total number of 3d games they’ve developed is 23 and they’ve also created 21 video slots, 12 of which were also in 3D.
Online Gokkasten’s dedication to perfection and creating the right game for the target audience they are going for is legendary. It’s something that has been acknowledged throughout the industry, with the company receiving a vast amount of praise from all directions.

The rumours – partnership between Online Gokkasten and Casumo Casino?

Rumours have been circulating that Online Gokkasten is going to be working with Casumo Casino on various projects, ranging from updating their online casino to rolling out various new games together. Although we’re not sure if these rumours are accurate, we’ll try to give you the scoop since our site is all about Casumo!

The main rumour is regarding their website, and it’s something we could see happening in the near future. It has been said that Online Gokkasten and Casumo Casino will work together to update their website, creating a better look and feel for their users. We personally feel this would benefit both parties enormously and can’t see why both Online Gokkasten and Casumo Casino wouldn’t work together to achieve this goal.

The second rumour is that they will be developing and rolling out various games together. Although Online Gokkasten is known for partnering with companies in the industry, it’s unusual for a company that develops online slots to partner with an online casino in such a way. We’re not sure if this rumour will hold true, but it’s an interesting one none the less!

Even though we cannot be sure if any of these will pan out to be true, especially given the vast amount of fake news in the online gambling industry, we couldn’t help but share it with you!